Snorkeling is the practice of swimming / floating on or through a body of water with a minimum basic equipment that is dive mask, swimming fins, and a snorkel (breathing tube). Snorkeling is a most popular recreational activity. Through snorkeling one can enjoy the exotic view of underwater coral reefs and marine life. Snorkeling is simple and possible with anyone who have interest to view underwater coral reefs and marine life.

Snorkeling at Andaman Islands Andaman Islands are rich with colourful coral reefs & marine file. The Islands of Andaman Group are surrounded by colourful coral reefs, fishes and other marine life and one can enjoy the view through.


JOLLYBUOY & REDSKIN ISLAND: These are the part of Mahatma Gandhi Marine national Park. Ferry for this islands are operating from Wandoor harbour. Permission required from Department of Forest and Environment to visit this Islands.

NORTH BAY: Ferry service is available from Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex to visit this island. The journey is around 30 minutes by ferry.

ELEPHANTA BEACH: Elephant Island is one of the popular destination for snorkeling at Havelock Island. The boat journey is around 35 minutes from Havelock Harbour

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